Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Toronto Raptors in OT, 104-101

January 5, 2023

The Milwaukee Bucks won over Toronto Raptors, 104-101 in overtime, despite blowing a 21-point lead with four minutes remaining, which made the Badger fans feel right at home. Giannis had a 30-20-10-10 (turnover) night, a roller coaster.


The first quarter ended with the Bucks leading 13-12 after a terrible offensive performance by both teams. That’s right—13–12—you read that right. That is what you get for a combined 7-47 shooting performance. The slopes continued into the second quarter, but thankfully both teams managed to establish some rhythm on the way to Milwaukee leading 39-38 at the break. With a score of 63-59 to open the fourth, the Bucks could narrowly increase their lead despite not looking sharper in the third.


Finally, in the fourth, Milwaukee took a 90-69 lead thanks to a few three-pointers, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s determination, and the Raptors’ continued atrocious shooting. Everything that could go wrong from that point on did. The Bucks made errors as a result of the Raptors’ backcourt pressure. Assaults from their weapons began. Unexpectedly, Toronto was awarded a point after the officials correctly ruled that Bobby had been cleanly pushed out of bounds. Nick Nurse’s annoying group of minutes-eaters managed to do it on a Gary Trent Jr. field goal to tie the game at 97. Three to force extra time.


The decisive moment occurred when Grayson Allen received an incredible pass from Giannis for a final three out of the corner. Scoring took a lot of work to come by for the majority of overtime.


Stat that Prominence.


In the first quarter’s middle, 24 consecutive missed shot attempts between these two teams. Other statistics are essential to the final result of this wild game. Still, nothing will stick out in memory more than the terrible shotmaking that occurred during the first few minutes of play.

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