NBA All-Star Kevin Durant painted another NBA History

Kevin Durant in all star game
November 24, 2022

While visiting Canada, the Brooklyn Nets will play the Toronto Raptors on Wednesday night.


Kevin Durant, a 12-time NBA All-Star, created more NBA history throughout the contest and is now ranked 18th all-time in scoring.


Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, who had 27,071 points in his career, was overtaken by him.


As the season goes on, Durant will probably continue climbing the rankings, and at only 34 years old, it will be fascinating to see where he ends up in his professional career.


In a game earlier this month, he scored over 26,000 points, passing Vince Carter, who he only just past last month.


Durant has never averaged less than 25.1 points per game except for his first year. This season, he is scoring 29.8 points per game on a field goal percentage of 53.5%.


The former Texas great was one of the NBA’s most reliable scorers.


Paul Pierce (16th) and John Havlicek (17th) are the players on the list that Durant should skip.


Durant has twice in his career averaged over 30 points per game, and in 2014, when playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder, he reached a career-high of 32.0 points per game (his MVP season).


He has played three seasons for the Golden State Warriors, the Nets, and the Thunder.


He won two NBA Championships and appeared in the NBA Finals three times while playing for Golden State (and two NBA Finals MVP Awards).


He inked a contract with the Brooklyn Nets in the summer of 2019 following his legendary run with the Warriors.

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