NBA’s hottest team led by Simmons, playing at “best version of himself,” breaking a 17-year record

January 2, 2023

The Nets’ winning streak is their longest since the 2005–2006 season and the longest in the NBA this year. Furthermore, neither the high-scoring player Kyrie Irving nor Kevin Durant has their team’s highest net rating during this time.


He is Ben Simmons, after all.


When it comes to net rating (+21.7), defensive rating (106.6), and even offensive rating (127.9) among the regular rotation players, Simmons leads the club going into Thursday’s (AEDT) game against the Hawks. What has been the formula?


“I believe he could likely respond to that better. However, as a teammate, I can tell Simmons is himself when I watch him laugh, enjoy himself, and play competitively.


“Therefore, he was best whenever he could simply be himself and know that we were looking out for him.”


When the Nets traded former MVP, James Harden to Philadelphia for him at the trade deadline last year, Brooklyn anticipated getting the most excellent version of him in return.


The Nets are learning how to play off high-IQ Simmons in a way that enables him to get along with fellow non-shooter Nic Claxton and prosper when necessary. On the other hand, he is beginning to resemble the star who was previously named the runner-up for defensive player of the year.


Donovan Mitchell, a star with the Jazz rumored to have insulted Simmons in the off-season, was held to just 15 points on just 5 of 16 shooting on Monday night, which is just half of his gargantuan 28.9 average.


According to recent speculations, Harden may consider leaving Philadelphia in the free-agent market. If he leaves the 76ers after forcing his way off the Rockets and Nets, he’ll appear flimsy as a Kardashian’s dating past.

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