Orlando Magic makes Mo Bamba available as trade season begins

December 16, 2022

Today is the official start of the trading season, as over 90% of players in the league are available for trading. However, an exception in Orlando Magic is making waves in trade waters.


According to the source, Magic Mo makes Bamba “available” in trade negotiations. The Orlando Magic re-signed Bamba to acquire him. Due to No.’s arrival this season, his role has shrunk. Bol Bol’s ascent is attributed to Paolo Banchero.


With every player blocking Bamba’s path at playtime, Magic could be looking to capture the fifth pick in the 2018 NBA draft. But if the team does, it will be the new year.


Bamba (which can only be shared in mid-January) has a 2-year, $20.6 million contract, but the second season isn’t guaranteed. Orlando would like a scoop but may be looking for rookie players who can grow with the young team in the lengthy term.


The Los Angeles Clippers, Raptors, Lakers, and Kings may be interested, among others. The Magic (8-20), who has one of the poor records in the league, could also look to displace veterans Gary Harris and Terrence Ross. Teams lacking the flashier wings can call Orlando.


The front plaza in Orlando is bustling, with Moe Wagner, Paolo Banchero, and Bol Bol all impressive. Wendell Carter Jr. will also play a role when he returns from a plantar fascia injury in the coming weeks. Additionally, anticipated to return soon is Jonathan Isaac.


Bamba, 24, has been playing well lately. The former Texas Longhorn is scoring 8.4 points per game this season, dropping by 18 points in Sunday night’s win against the Toronto Raptors.

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