Raptors star Pascal Siakam humiliates a rookie teammate during a press conference

January 10, 2023

It goes without saying that new teammates subject them to a variety of initiations. This rite of passage is observed by the Toronto Raptors as well. Just ask rookie Christian Koloko, who recently suffered some harsh treatment at the hands of star teammate Pascal Siakam.


After a recent practice, Koloko was speaking with the media. The 7-foot-1 center cut in front of Siakam by speaking to the press before Siakam could take his turn, on purpose or not. Pascal was having none of it and made the decision to humiliate his inexperienced teammate in front of the media.


Koloko had already begun answering questions from reporters when Siakam decided to remove him from the press conference. Koloko waited in the corner for his turn, and the 22-year-old had no choice but to give up his spot to his seasoned teammate.


When asked if he went through a similar type of initiation during his rookie year, Siakam responded, “I mean, there’s a lot more things that happened (to me).”. “It knows that beginners have it easy. Christian, in my opinion, is o burs or other similar things. He takes no action—nothing but a lack of popcorn. Everything had to be done. He did nothing. Everything, not even moving the bags. “


According to Siakam, he thought Koloko was receiving too much kindness from him. The seven-year veteran claimed he underwent a great deal of hardship as a rookie and believes that the effort he has been making in Koloko’s rite of passage is insufficient compared to what he endured in his first season.


Pascal Siakam had a small epiphany at this time. Unfortunately for Koloko, Pascal might have recently concluded that he needs to go above and beyond to “welcome” his younger teammate to the NBA.

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