Stephen Curry leaves the game against Pacers due to injuries

Stephen Curry injury
December 16, 2022

Due to a sore right knee, Stephen Curry began Wednesday night not knowing if he would play at Indiana.


With a sore left shoulder, he finished it in the locker room.


The NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers, a two-time MVP, and an eight-time All-Star walked out of Golden State’s 125-119 loss to Indiana in the third quarter and was due to have an MRI on Thursday.


Curry suffered an injury; the third quarter had just over 2 minutes remaining as the Warriors attempted to come back from a 20-point deficit at the half. With 4:16 remaining in the third, he made a three-point play to pull Golden State to within 83-80.


Curry, however, attempted to block Pacers forward Jalen Smith by extending his left arm as he dribbled toward the basket. Curry’s arm jerkily bowed back as Smith continued. During the following timeout, Curry grabbed his shoulder and walked to the locker room while hunched over on the court.


According to a source, during a timeout, Curry seemed to be backing the injury after it happened.


He wouldn’t be coming back; the trainers informed Warriors coach Steve Kerr in the middle of the fourth quarter. “I have faith in their opinion. I haven’t had a chance to speak with him yet because I only briefly talked to him after the game. “.


After scoring 38 points, hitting five 3-pointers, and converting all 11 free throw attempts, Curry declined to take questions. After Friday’s visit to Philadelphia by the defending NBA champions, the third stop of a six-game trip, he is not anticipated to speak to the media again.


According to a source, Curry was observed sitting at his locker after the game with his left shoulder iced. Curry did not use his left arm to open doors or perform other commonplace tasks after removing the ice.


The Warriors have already dropped their first two games on their most extended season-long Eastern swing. As they attempt to rise above .500, they might be without their best player.


According to Kerr, “This is a hard stretch of the season, and if Steph’s out of the game, it gets tougher for sure.”. “If we’re healthy, this team has shown that we can defeat anyone. We must determine the best path.”


While he was playing, Curry was his usual, spectacular self. He finished with seven rebounds, assists, and two steals in addition to scoring half of the 54 points the Warriors scored in the opening period.


With a right knee injury, All-Star guard Klay Thompson missed his second straight game, and Andrew Wiggins was sidelined with an abdominal injury. Following two technical fouls in 14 seconds in the fourth quarter, forward Draymond Green was dismissed from the game.


The Warriors nevertheless had a chance, thanks to Curry.


For the few minutes he was there, “he put us on his shoulders,” Kerr said. “He was approaching the line and locating additional players, and I thought the guys did an excellent job of combating.”.


But the Warriors won’t be the same without Curry for any length of time.


Steph is always a guy with a positive outlook on life, according to Kerr. “Therefore, we’re hoping for the best.

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