Updates Regarding Miles Bridges’ NBA Status

December 24, 2022

Miles Bridges was one of the NBA’s breakout stars in the 2021–22 season, but it’s still unclear what his NBA future holds.


In May, Bridges allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend in front of their two children, and he was arrested this past summer on domestic abuse charges. On November 3, after his case was repeatedly postponed, he entered a plea of not guilty to the felony charge of domestic violence.


Because of this, the Los Angeles Superior Court decided in favor of the prosecution and gave Bridges a three-year probationary term without jail time. He acknowledges guilt without formally admitting it because he entered a no-contest plea, which means he accepts responsibility for his actions. 


As part of his three-year probation, Bridges must finish 52 parenting classes and 52 weeks of domestic violence counseling. He should also perform 100 hours of community service and submit to weekly drug tests; marijuana will only be permitted if a valid doctor’s prescription is present.


He will be prohibited from possessing any firearms, ammunition, or other weapons as part of this agreement. He will be required to pay a $300 restitution fine (with a restitution hearing scheduled for January. 13), a $500 domestic violence fine, and to abide by the terms of a 10-year protective order, which includes keeping 100 yards away from the woman and refraining from any contact with her.


Since Miles Bridges is still a free agent, the NBA must take action.


Bridges played 291 games in his career while spending four seasons with the Charlotte Hornets, averaging 13 points, four rebounds, and five assists per game.


Bridges would face severe consequences from the NBA if a team attempted to sign him to a new contract. They reserve the right to fine him, suspend him for any period, and perhaps even bar him from future league participation.


However, a source reported on Friday that there is hope that a deal could be reached relatively soon as the Hornets and Miles Bridges are progressing in negotiations for a potential new contract.


However, if a deal cannot be reached, Bridges will continue to be a restricted free agent this summer.

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