Warriors must make a difficult choice on a two-way pair

January 2, 2023

Bob Myers, the Golden State Warriors GM, may be thinking about trade possibilities right now, but another pair of roster choice might be essential if the team wants to win back-to-back championships.


Ty Jerome and Anthony Lamb’s availability to Steve Kerr’s rotations is a challenge for Myers, who must find a solution if the two are to continue being eligible to compete in the NBA through the end of the regular season and the playoffs.


Ty Jerome and Anthony Lamb gave the Golden State Warriors rotation valuable minutes by playing 20+ minutes each of the last three games.


The two-way eligibility between Jerome and Lamb is rapidly coming to an end. Both players have already participated in more than half of the permitted games, making them eligible for 50 games with the Warriors this season.


Since the start of the season, Lamb has consistently been a part of the rotation, and his 36.8% three-point shooting has proven essential given the Warriors’ dearth of shooting from the forward positions.


On the other hand, Jerome has flourished since Stephen Curry suffered a shoulder ailment a few weeks back. The 25-year-old has successfully adapted to playing as the backup point guard, providing a consistent presence with his adept ball handling, playmaking, and shooting.


Before the trade deadline on February 9th, Myers might have to convert one of the two-way players’ contracts. However, Lamb or Jerome’s conversion would limit Golden State’s flexibility in the buyout market because there is only one roster space available.


Who would get a full roster position if one of them did? When it comes to the playoffs, will either of them make a difference? Over the next six weeks, Myers and the front office must make these choices.

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