how to bet on spread basketball

October 10, 2022

The most well-liked method of wagering on NBA basketball is basketball spread betting. Basketball spread betting, put in the most straightforward words possible, allows bettors to wager on teams who are not well-matched by handicapping the favorite and allowing them to choose either side without ever losing much money on their wager.

The point spread is the no. of points a team must score or keep within for a wager on that team to be paid off.

The side with the lowest number of points—the favorite—is the one who is usually seen to have the best chance of winning this game. They have covered the spread, and wagers on that team’s point spread have won if they defeat the opponent by points greater than that.

When placing a basketball wager, provide the ticket seller with the team’s bet number, the point spread, and the wager amount. Unless otherwise specified, the payout is determined using 10/1 odds. Therefore, an $11 wager would result in a $10 win and a $21 payout.

It’s referred to as a straight bet.

The point spread, or “spread,” refers to whether a basketball team will win or lose by a specified number of points when you bet on it.


The bottom team is always the host team unless otherwise specified.

The point spread for the favored team is always displayed to its right. In this instance, if you wager on the Bulls, they must win by a margin of 4 points for you to win. Any following will proclaim you a winner if you bet on the Lakers.

(A) The Lakers win the game.

(b) The Lakers lose by fewer than three points.

The wager is deemed a push, and all stake money is returned if the Bulls prevail by precisely 3 points.

Point spreads are constantly fluctuating. The point spread provided when you place your wager might not match the point spread when the game begins. Your ticket’s point spread serves as your official spread.

Total: The sum of all game points. They are likewise known as the over/under.

You can bet on whether the game’s final score will be more or smaller than the indicated sum. Whichever team covers the spread has no bearing on the outcome. Sum up each team’s final score. Unless otherwise specified, the payment is calculated using odds of 10/1. (-110).

Basketball parlays: Multiple teams on one wager.

You can make a single wager involving many teams. All teams and/or totals must beat the point spread to win the bet. The number of teams and the odds vary from casino to casino. The odds shown here are approximations:

Every game that ends in a tie lowers the parlay by one team. A straight bet would replace a two-team parlay.

Basketball teasers: A gamble that lowers the odds while raising the point spread.

By adding points to a favorite or taking points away from an underdog, you may “tease” the point spread; This raises the likelihood that your wager will win while lowering the parlay’s odds. The odds and the total quantity of “tease” points vary from casino to casino. The odds shown here are approximations:

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