Total betting in basketball

January 23, 2024

total betting computation in a basketball game:
1. Total Setting: The bookmaker sets a total value for the game, representing the combined score of both teams. Let’s say the total is set at 215.5 points.
2. Actual Scores: After the game, the actual scores are Team A – 110 points and Team B – 105 points.
3. Total Calculation: Add the scores of both teams to determine the total score. In this case, it would be 110 + 105 = 215 points.
4. Comparison: Compare the total score with the set total value. In our example, the total score of 215 points equals the set total value of 215.5 points.
5. Bet Outcome: The outcome of the total bet depends on whether you bet on the “over” or “under” the set total value.
– If you placed a bet on the “over” in this example, you would have lost the bet since the actual total score (215) is not greater than the set total value (215.5).

– If you bet on the “under,” then your bet would be successful since the actual total score (215) does not exceed the set total value (215.5).
Total betting, also known as over/under betting, focuses on the combined score of both teams participating in a game. It is an alternative betting option to predict whether the actual total score will be above (over) or below (under) the set total value determined by the bookmaker.

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