TWENTY20 Betting Guide

December 27, 2022

TWENTY20 Betting Guide

The Twenty20 cricket started later than the ODIs. The first competition was in 2003. The idea for this change came from a desire to make cricket a faster-paced game more exciting than those that take days to complete.

The T20 format has been well-received worldwide. For example, Pakistan hosted a tournament in 2004 involving 13 teams from all over the country. The game attracted 20,000 spectators. It’s the first time it sold out in 25 years. And the format grew from there.

Now you don’t have to watch live games. You can live stream and bet from the comfort of your own home.

But before I examine the betting options, look at the mechanics. How does T20 betting compare to ODIs?

On the one hand, T20 is a much faster game than ODIs. The ODIs are quick, but they have nothing to do with the limited 20-round format of the T20 due to their limited 50-round Format.

But just like ODI, a match is played by two teams. Each team gets one inning. However, in T20 games, each side is limited to 80 minutes. That’s all the time they have to score 20 points. There is also no tie option.

When there is a tie, there is some tiebreaker. Each team nominates three batters & one bowler. If a team loses 2 Wickets before the end of the over, they lose the game outright (the other team wins).

If this does not happen, the team with the most points in a single set wins.

These are some of the most significant differences. The remainder of this page describes the T20 betting options you will have. If you have looked at our ODI pages, you can skip this section as they are very similar.

TWENTY20 betting options and rules


Now is the moment you have been waiting for – T20 betting options.

Here are some marketplaces you can find online. We’ve pulled this information from some of the most popular UK online sportsbooks. Here you go:

  • match betting
  • Series Gaming
  • run to 10 points
  • game handicap
  • top batsman/bowler
  • Number of runs/Number of sixes
  • Team with the lowest innings
  • run when the next Wicket is down
  • It ends when the next Wicket falls
  • end of delivery
  • Play the first “x” rounds in a match
  • “x” lost a wicket
  • score fifty in the game


And some currently available markets:

  • to win the game
  • Highest Open Partner
  • most used up
  • toss to win
  • most matches sixes
  • The first ticket gate method
  • game person
  • Elimination stage
  • group betting
  • enter the semi-finals
  • Team with the most 6 points


These are from 3 different games, with more to come.

When I grabbed these markets and listed them here, I noticed sportsbooks’ rules for ODI and T20 betting. (Usually the same.)

It’s important to read and understand these, as I’ve noticed several of them boil down to whether the sportsbook will honor or cancel your bet.

So, you need to pay attention. And read the rules of any sportsbook where you plan to bet on T20. Here are some rules that stand out to me:


  • Games affected by weather will come down to official rules. In other cases, the “tie” rule will apply.
  • If a match is canceled but not replayed within 36 hours, bets will be void.
  • If the number of matches is changed, then bets will void (unless settlement of the bets is determined). Apply to series betting.
  • Bets are good if any of the players listed don’t tee off. The bets will be void if neither batsman reaches ten due to the weather. For Race to 10 Runs.
  • A minimum number of overs must be rolled (unless All Out or the game is complete). There are ten games for 40+ games, 20 for 50+ games, and six for the 2020 Cup. For top batters/bowlers.
  • A minimum number of rotations is a schedule. Official results are also required. Otherwise, all bets will be void. Apply to 50 points.

Those are the ones I noticed. But there are others. Also, they will vary from book to book. Therefore, be sure to read all the rules before placing a bet. 

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