8 Killer Football Betting Strategies to Win More Bets in 2023

June 13, 2023

Are you having trouble making money when you bet on football and are sick of going broke at the bookies?

If so, pay attention because we’ll be looking at eight killer tactics in this post that you can implement immediately to win football bets!

This comprehensive tutorial will explain how to defeat the bookies, from employing matched betting to following prominent tipsters.

Let’s get going!

How to bet on football and win – Below are eight tips & strategies.

I can offer you a list of 50 football betting tactics, but you may feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.

Because of this, I’ve prioritized the most crucial tactics you can use right away and kept this list short.

Here are eight alternative strategies to win more football bets:

  1. Follow expert football predictions

Following seasoned tippers is now one of the most straightforward football betting techniques to use.

As we’ll see later in this piece, expertise and experience determine whether a football wager is successful or unsuccessful.

Those that outperform the bookmakers employ a tried-and-true technique.

How do you get this knowledge and experience without first losing £100s at the bookies? 


Copy the bets of professional tippers!

Professional gamblers have the skills and experience to create lucrative bets and outsmart bookmakers instead of putting football wagers solely on gut feeling. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Following tipsters not only increases your football betting profits but also makes your job a lot simpler. There are no longer any uncertainties about who or how much to stake. It’s all taken care of for you!

When you open your emails or log in, your bets are available for placement!

So where can you locate the top-paying football tipsters?

Top football tipsters

Countless websites offer football predictions, but if you want to maximize your winnings, I suggest Tipster or Betting Gods (reviews).

There is something for everyone since both platforms provide free and paid football predictions.

The network’s openness is what I particularly appreciate about Tipstrr. Tipping websites frequently make grandiose promises about their outcomes without concrete evidence supporting them.

At Tipster, you get access to ROI, monthly profit, average stakes, and other verifiable tipper statistics displayed upfront.

On the Tipster network, anyone can post tips, but only specific tipsters can join Betting Gods.

Only 5% of applicants who undergo a 6-month screening process for tipsters are accepted onto the network.

Quality above quantity makes Betting Gods so well-liked, even though there are only a small number of professional tippers.

You should start with free football picks and upgrade to premium picks if you’re satisfied with the outcomes. In this manner, you have nothing to lose!

  1. Profit with matched betting

A “matched betting” technique is one of my preferred football betting tactics.

Some matched bettors make up to £1000 a month using this strategy, which is quite profitable.

As an illustration, consider how one bettor transformed £87 into £7500 in just seven months.

Even if matched betting is not precisely gambling, you will always come out ahead in the game.

Matching betting: what is it?

Guaranteed profit

It’s no surprise that this football betting technique has caught your eye.

Using matched betting, it is probable to profit from bookmakers’ free bets and promotions.

Even though this approach has been available for a while, its demand is rising.

How do matched bets operate?

As we’ve seen, matched betting is predicated on utilizing bookmakers’ bonuses and special offers.

There is a lot of potentials because most online bookies give new and current customers bonuses.

Although I won’t go into details here (you may learn more), this is a general concept:

  • Find a bookmaker free bet
  • Place a qualifying bet
  • Place a lay bet
  • Use free bet
  • Place another lay bet
  • Make a guaranteed profit

We place two opposite bets to eliminate any danger associated with matched betting—one each at the bookie and a betting exchange.

We can profit from bookmakers’ free bets with no risk because these bets cancel one another out.

This may initially seem complex when you get the hang of it, but it’s a very straightforward and successful betting approach.

Football is a fantastic sport for matched bets because there are many different betting options. Significant football leagues like the Premier League and the Champions League are a prime example of this.

When it comes to matched betting, you’ll be in good hands if you stay with the most-watched football matches.

You may stop waiting for your team to score another goal because you already know the result and the money you’ll win.

Although not for everyone, there is a lot of money to be made using this football betting approach.

Launch matched betting

Although matched betting can be profitable, getting started can be difficult. You might feel overwhelmed because there are so many new ideas to comprehend.

However, numerous matched betting websites will guide and help you through every step and assist you in getting started.

Sites like OddsMonkey (review) provide detailed instructions on placing bets, staking money, and optimizing profits.

Everything is prepared for you. 

For £29.99 a month, it provides fantastic software and service and is significantly superior to Matched Bets. A free trial is available so that you can try out the platform.

OddsMonkey is well regarded by 98% of reviewers, indicating the website’s immense popularity.

Why not begin today with a risk-free trial? You have nothing to lose…

  1. Keep a record

Keeping a record is the next football betting tactic we’ll look at.

If you want to start winning more frequently when betting, maintaining a detailed record of your bets and other items is essential.

Football betting advice: Keep track of your bets.

What, then, should you record specifically? Here are a few things to think about:

  • What bets do you win or lose?
  • The amount of money you stake on your bets
  • The total profit or loss from every bet
  • The bookmaker you utilize for each bet

Do you see what I mean?

Is anything you consider essential for assessing your wagers?

This technique lets you see whether your current football betting strategy is profitable.

Obtain your football betting goal.

Have you established a goal for your football betting strategy?

Monitoring your overall profit will simplify determining how close you are to reaching your goal.

Doing this increases your chances of success and, thus, of winning more football wagers.

You should add up your overall profit and loss at the end of each week or month, depending on your preference and the number of bets you place, and then determine whether you’re in the black or the red.

If your balance is positive, keep using your existing plan of action.

If you’re losing money, though, look at the wagers costing you the most and consider making a small adjustment to your strategy.

You may not get the results you want from your accumulator bets, or a squad may keep disappointing you.

Keeping track of your betting activity will enable you to identify weak points and enhance your entire betting approach to increase the number of football bets you win.

Even though maintaining a clean record requires time and work and isn’t the most fascinating task, it will undoubtedly help you become a better bettor.

How to keep track of your football betting statistics

Keep track of your wagers using a simple Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet.

It only needs to be clear and concise; it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Use Google Sheets to keep track of bets.

Making a spreadsheet could seem difficult at first, but once you’ve finished, you’ll find it simple to update with the necessary data.

Many tools available will track your bets for you if you’re seeking a more complete solution. The Smart Bet Tracker is one choice.

Alternatively, you can use an in-built feature of OddsMonkey if you’re utilizing it to profit from matched betting.

Keep a record of your betting accounts

While we’re on the subject of organization, I advise you to keep a complete record of all the details related to your bookmaker accounts.

You must sign up with numerous bookmakers if you’re serious about winning more football wagers.

In the future, you might have more than 50 open accounts!

While this is excellent for getting the greatest odds and the most value, it might take time to recall account details.

For each of your accounts, you’ll have various usernames, passwords, and security questions.

Even though you may use the exact details for all bookmakers, I don’t advise it for security reasons.

You should jot down significant facts in a spreadsheet using a method like the above to make things easier. Please save it to your smartphone so you can access and password-protect it.

You won’t have to waste time setting up new passwords, etc., and your data will be protected.

You can concentrate on making profitable football bets, which counts most.

  1. Change bookmakers

The fourth football betting advice we have is to switch bookmakers frequently.

When it comes to football bookmakers, there are a tonne of options available.

There are already more than 100 websites that offer online betting.

There are far more chances elsewhere, so there is no reason to be loyal, even though each bookmaker wants you to bet with them.

Even Paddy Power acknowledges that loyalty is obsolete.

Use a comparison website to identify the bookmaker that best meets your demands rather than completing the research yourself and spending hours comparing the characteristics of various sports betting sites.

For instance, Bojoko’s list of the top football betting sites provides in-depth analyses of the most significant bookies in the UK that offer fantastic promotions.

Find out from experts what each site’s benefits and drawbacks are and which bookmakers are now the best for certain sorts of bettors.

Make sure to visit Bojoko’s page sometimes for the most recent trends and bookmakers that offer the best value for your football bets because they update it constantly.

Take advantage of bookmakers’ promotions.


If you’re not too keen, this may convince you to register numerous bookmaker accounts as part of your football betting strategy.

The truth is bookmakers offer a wide variety of free bets and other incentives that you can take advantage of daily to both new and existing customers.

Particularly appealing to us are the signup incentives provided to prospective clients.

More than £1000 in signup-free bets are available to you as of the time this article was written.

If you stick with just one, you could lose out on possible revenue from other bookmakers in the market.

Maximize the number of free bets you use if you’re serious about making large winnings on football wagers.

Don’t leave any free money on the table!

Bookmaker odds

Occasionally, bookmakers will provide various odds before or during a football game.

These disparities in odds are generally visible when you look at less well-liked markets, such as anytime goalscorers or over/under goals, etc.

This could be because the bookmaker is receiving different information on how to price their market, or it could be that they’re attempting to attract more clients by raising the odds, which is comparable to raising the price.

Price boost example

Skybet is increasing the odds of Arsenal, Everton, and West Ham, winning from 3.5 to 5.0 (5/2 to 4/1) in the below price boost.

The increased odds offer the bettor greater value because they are higher than what other bookies would generally provide.

Ensure you receive the greatest odds every time you place a wager if you want to increase your income and overall profit from football betting.

This procedure is known as line shopping in the modern world of online gaming.

Making a small effort in this area can significantly impact your business.

You may check your favorite bookies to find the best market odds or use an odds comparison website like OddsChecker.

This application is straightforward to use and dramatically expedites online buying. I cannot stress this more.

Think about utilizing betting exchanges.

Traditional bookies are a fantastic place to start, but consider using betting exchanges as your football betting strategy develops.

Using an account with an exchange like Betdaq (review) has various advantages:

  • True market price – better odds
  • They accept any bettor
  • Low commission rate

True market price

It’s crucial to pick the greatest odds to win on football wagers. As I previously stated, odds might range significantly between various betting websites.

However, the odds at a betting exchange are pretty good, if not the best.

Compared to more traditional bookmakers, they provide gamblers with a different type of betting model, resulting in odds that are typically closer to the actual market value.

In contrast to conventional bookmakers, betting exchanges are not required to factor a profit margin into their odds.

By levying a commission on players’ net gains, they generate revenue. This is a far better business strategy.

Exchanges welcome all types of bettors.

The fact that betting exchanges accommodate all types of bettors is another reason to consider including them in your plan.

It is common for bookmakers to gub or restrict accounts that look to be winning excessively.

The bookmakers might be interested in your account if you often win large on football wagers.

I’m not trying to frighten you from utilizing bookmakers, but you should know this.

However, you won’t likely experience any problems if you use a betting exchange like Betdaq. Exchanges profit whether you win or lose because of the nature of their business strategy.

Low commission rate

Now that you are more informed on betting exchanges and why they should be part of your football betting plan, let’s look at the most affordable commission rates:

  • Betdaq – 2%
  • Smarkets – 2%
  • Betfair – 5%

When it comes to commission rates, Betdaq is one of the top exchanges.

They are more affordable than companies like Betfair since they impose a flat 2% fee across all betting markets.

Paying as little commission as possible is vital while trying to maximize your profit. This can be done by utilizing Betdaq.

Switching bookmakers frequently enables you to look for the greatest deal in the business.

Given the abundance of online bookies available, this method is undoubtedly valuable to incorporate into your football betting strategy.

  1. Stay impartial – Don’t bet with your heart

Being neutral at all times is a crucial component of any football betting strategy.

The proverb “Don’t bet with your heart” associated with sports betting comes to mind.

You must maintain control and place your bets using your analytical thinking.

Avoid placing wagers based on your feelings. This will only result in poor choices, which may cause you to lose overall earnings.

If you bet on your favorite team, you’ll be even more disappointed if they lose the championship!

Unless your football analysis and research indicate you should, I advise against betting on a team you favor.

Adding emotions to the situation could, as is typically the case, impair your judgment.

Here’s the thing: When placing football wagers, novice gamblers frequently lean on their emotions.

These bettors convinced their club will win just to be relegated the following week, are beloved by the bookmakers.

These bettors, though, often participate for amusement and aren’t overly concerned with the result. If they succeed, it will be only a bonus and something to brag about to their friends.

On the other hand, you can’t use this strategy if you’re serious about football betting tactics and want to turn a long-term profit.

Put off your betting when you feel that emotion is taking control of you and return when you’re more rational.

  1. Know football inside out

Knowing the game inside and out is another of our best football betting advice. It would be best to thoroughly research the team you are betting on and their opponent.

Here are some things to think about:

  • How do their offensive and defense look right now?
  • What kind of recent outcomes have they had? Do they have any luck?
  • Injuries, team selections, etc.

The little pieces of information are the most important here.

These will assist you in differentiating between winning and average bets and ultimately enable you to enhance the profitability of your football betting strategy.

This level of detail only enhances the fun of placing football wagers.

As many live games as possible on TV and online platforms can help you stay sharp.

This is a great strategy to help you win big on football bets, but it may be time-consuming and expensive, especially with different satellite TV bundles.

This advice applies to betting on any event, including horse racing, Formula 1, and NFL, so it isn’t limited to football.

You must be an expert in your sport to generate regular, long-term income.

Football knowledge challenge

Given the vast amount of information available, placing another wager is almost only possible once you’ve thoroughly researched your upcoming football wager.

Countless websites give you comprehensive information about anything football-related. Listed below are a few websites you might like to visit:

  • Goal
  • Tribal Football

The majority of gamblers need to employ this tactic.

The Westgate Sportsbook’s Jay Kornegay, vice president of Race and Sports Operations, concurs:

“The fact that inexperienced bettors have short memories is the thing that differentiates them from seasoned gamblers the most.”

“Instead of considering the team’s overall talent, they base their bets on what happened over the weekend. They frequently base their decisions on the team’s performance in the most recent game.

Avoid being such a short-term bettor.

You’ll be better able to place winning football bets if you take the time to research the sport.

  1. Know your markets

Know your betting markets is our next suggestion on how to win at football betting. This point builds on the previous one.

Knowing your sport inside and out is great, but you must also know the many football betting options.

The reason is that a small stake may result in a vast reward. A $5 wager resulted in approximately £17,000 for this lucky bettor!

Although not a usual consequence, outcomes like this sometimes occur.

For those who are unfamiliar with accumulators, they are bets that you build up from various selections.

To make your acca a profitable wager, you must correctly forecast the outcome of each option. You’re acca gains if you make a good prediction!

Despite the apparent high odds, there isn’t a guarantee that these bets will win.

The good news is that you don’t have to put much on the line. This illustrates a less hazardous way to gamble on football and win big.

I suggest using the OddsMonkey AccaMatcher tool if you want to start betting on accumulators.

The tool offers precise bets to place so you can start making money immediately.

Additionally, you’ll have access to excellent help if you run into problems.

Knowing and comprehending each market’s terms and conditions is crucial. If you’re unsure, contact your bookmaker’s support; someone there should be able to guide you.

It is better to be sure than to miss out on possible gains.

Overall, you can win better at football betting if you use some of these less popular markets.

  1. Take the small wins

Last but not least, taking little victories is a tactic that many football gamblers frequently ignore.

Every little help, as the adage goes, and this is true with football wagering.

Small victories shouldn’t discourage you. In reality, the success of your football betting plan should make you happy. Any victory is a victory that puts cash in your pocket instead of the bookies’.

One bettor always seeks the big winners. That bettor will keep on about how one huge victory will alter their existence. However, the likelihood of that is remote.

This is a time and effort waster for the sane, long-term bettor. Occasionally, a 5,000/1 Leicester City story will show a gambler winning thousand.

However, this is highly uncommon and not worth contemplating.

Your betting will be considerably more successful if you play it correctly and search for more minor and likely winners.

Bet on short odds

A popular betting tactic that has been quite successful over time is betting on short odds.

You’re more likely to win little sums more frequently when you gamble on short odds.

Here’s the thing: bookmakers know that most gamblers will likely support the underdog at higher odds. These odds are frequently chased by bettors hoping for a huge payout.

The bookmakers take advantage of this reality and typically give the underdog less favorable odds. Betting on favorites at reduced odds makes it simpler to uncover better value.

Easiest football bets to win

So, you might wonder which football wagers are the simplest to win.

Even though there are no guarantees in gambling, some of the most straightforward football wagers to win are those listed below:

  • Over/Under
  • Double chance
  • Draw no bet
  • Both teams score

Your gains from these football wagers will be insignificant because the odds are typically relatively low. However, with these wagers, your chances of success are higher.

Football betting tactics: Ed’s Experience

Many different people all over the world have benefited from football wagering thanks to these betting strategies!

Here is what one satisfied bettor had to say after using the football as mentioned earlier betting tactics.

“Hi, this is Ed. I’m pleased I came across this article. This betting advice has been beneficial to my betting. My betting income has skyrocketed since I started considering The Sure Bettor’s recommendations.”

Keeping a betting journal is one of the most crucial pieces of advice. I recently began keeping track of each of my bets, and since then, my progress has been enormous.

You should note the reasons for each wager as well. It may help you accelerate your current learning curve.

Football betting popularity

Sports betting is hugely popular all around the world. Gamblers wager an average of £626 on sports every second in Great Britain alone.

Put this way; it’s an insane number that only serves to demonstrate its appeal. Additionally, as more people establish bookmaker accounts and place bets online, this number keeps growing.

Football is the most popular sport in the UK. Hence about half of the total amount is wagered on it. Every day, thousands of people look to wager on football.

Unfortunately, the bookies cheat a lot of bettors out of their money.

If you’ve arrived at this page, you must have had a similar experience because you want to improve your football betting.

By using football, as mentioned earlier, betting techniques, you should increase your winnings and edge out the bookies.

How to successfully gamble on football

In a nutshell, here’s how to wager on football and succeed:

  • Follow expert football predictions
  • Profit with matched betting
  • Keep a betting record
  • Change bookmakers
  • Stay impartial
  • Know football inside out
  • Know your markets
  • Take the small wins

One of the most fascinating methods to make football even more interesting is by betting.

But it’s an entirely different game once you start using these strategies to win at football betting and begin consistently outperforming the bookies. Excuse the pun!

Although there are no certainties in betting, these suggestions have undoubtedly helped thousands of players throughout the years boost their profitability.

Use more than simply these strategies when betting on football. Any sport can benefit from applying this knowledge!

So, start utilizing these football betting tactics to increase your winnings!

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