The Top 15 Sports Betting Strategies

December 22, 2022

Top 15 Sports Betting Strategies

Opinions differ when it comes to choosing the right sports betting Strategy. Is there a correct strategy to win sports betting or an optimal strategy that flexes to select the corresponding Strategy? Regardless, we provide the best and most promising Strategies to increase your betting profits over time.

Best Strategies for Sports Betting

If you decide to gamble professionally, the first question is the proper betting strategy. However, there is no complete answer to this question, as a good strategy for one bettor may not be suitable for another.

Many sports bettors very specialize in one type of betting. Players focus primarily on a particular outcome of the game that they are actively seeking. It can be, for example:

An over or under bet

  • Over or under stakes for each team
  • A handicap win, that is, a win by the number of goals
  • low odds of winning
  • half time betting
  • early or late goal

Before you start betting according to a particular strategy, you must impose exact bankroll management on yourself and stick to it consistently. It is the most important factor in deciding on a continuation bet.

It’s similar to losing weight: people always say about 30% depends on physical activity and 70% depends on eating right. So you could say that quality bankroll management is “the right diet for betting.”

Best Betting Strategy Bookmaker

You can test the many resourceful betting strategies after you have established a bankroll management system that works for you. For example, you will find detailed information on Fibonacci betting systems, professional strategies for league matches, system betting at 1X, home loser strategies, or betting on late goals.

1. Beat the bookies with Overlyzer Live Tool

Overlyzer’s real-time tool maps pressure situations in real-time football matches from over 1,000 leagues and competitions. It allows Overlyzer users to see at a glance which team is putting more pressure and dominating the game.

These stats can give you the ultimate edge when betting live on the next goal, the number of goals, or even the outcome of a match!


The Blue Line stands for the pressure applied by the home team, and the Red Line stands for the pressure exerted by the away team.

The “Game Offensive Factor” also explains whether a game is more offensive or defensive based on various statistics and live performance data. A value of 30% or more indicates that the game is being played in an offensive and aggressive manner, with goals possibly more.

2. 1X on home outsiders strategy

A successful betting strategy in the past has been to bet “Double Chance” 1X if the outsiders play at home against the favorites. In this case, “1X” betting brings good odds and attractive profit opportunities.

Home win or draw betting strategy

Using this strategy, you don’t have to select and analyze games containing absolute extremes and stark class differences. So you don’t necessarily have to bet on an away game against Barcelona, Bayern, or Juventus. Here, we might forego a value bet. Even though we pick teams that are not big outsiders but are still outsiders based on odds, we find odds between 1.60 and 2.50 very interesting.

As with all bets, it’s essential to analyze ahead of time and refrain from betting blindly on any team. You should consider the stats, the injuries and suspensions ahead of time, and the team’s current state. The home-field advantage of the outsiders, for playing against the “big one” in front of their audience, also represents a unique dynamic that should not be underrated, as it brings another slight advantage to the home team. Especially when the respective favorites have been shaky lately against the “lesser guys,” you can find value in this double-chance outsider bet.

You can, of course, also use this 1X strategy for games with even odds if you accept lower odds.

3. An all-in strategy with odds of 1.20

This betting strategy involves winning massive bets one after the other and always using the best chances to make decent money. But it’s also clear that if you lose your bet, all your money is gone. However, if you hit 30, 35, or even 40 wins in a row, you’ll hit the jackpot!

All-In at 1.20 – Betting Strategy

For this, we use odds around 1.20 – ideally, you should be looking for live betting; as for the strategy of betting on over 1.5 goals in what is estimated to be a typical ‘over’ game, here you can wait until the odds are at the desired level. A bet over 0.5 is ideal here – i.e., betting that the game will not end 0-0. Usually, after 30 minutes without a goal, you’re at 1.20 – this can be lower depending on the game, but sometimes even higher. Of course, the betting you want to profit from your betting sequence, also known as the “money race,” is a matter of taste.

The important thing is that you always play with roughly the same odds. It’s certainly a test of patience, and it could be more spectacular at first, but with a clear goal, you can stop at any time and pay out your winnings. For example, if you start such a series of bets with a stake of $10, that’s all you can lose. So you now find a bet at odds of 1.20, win it & immediately replay your 12$ win again at odds of around that amount. You win $14.40 – which will be used for your next bet.

Profits will only become apparent slowly but increase dramatically over time as the stakes rise. If you get 30 picks in a row, you’re already up to $2,373.76 from your starting $10. After 35 correct choices, we have reached $5,906.68; after 40 right decisions, we have reached $14,697.71.

Of course, getting that many tips in a row are impossible – but this progressive betting strategy is also exciting. You won’t lose much if you don’t start the betting sequence with an overly high stake, and it’s certainly possible to create a real winning streak when employing this betting strategy.

4. 1-3-2-6 system

The 1-3-2-6 system is similar to another aggressive progressive betting system called Paroli. Both involve stakes that increase after a win and a betting cycle that ends at a fixed point. The only real difference is the actual betting sequence.

There aren’t many systems that are easier to understand than 1-3-2-6, and its simplicity appeals to many players. Many other benefits contribute to its popularity.

As with any betting system, there are downsides. We’ll explore the positive and negative aspects of 1-3-2-6 below, along with details and how to use them.

Use the 1-3-2-6 system.

Like many betting systems, 1-3-2-6 designs for paying even money bets, such as the red-black bet in roulette, it is used at roulette tables and other casino games such as baccarat, craps, and blackjack. It doesn’t matter what you do with it if you’re playing even numbers.

As mentioned, this is a straightforward system. All you need to do is adjust your bets according to simple rules. First, you must decide how high your betting unit should be. As a guide, once you set the amount you are willing to lose in a session, your betting unit should be around 2% to 5%.

10 Dollars is a reasonable figure. The betting unit is the amount you bet on the first bet in the sequence. After each losing bet, the series ends, and you start a new one – then you insert a betting unit again.

If you win, you will adjust your bet according to the sequence 1-3-2-6. So, if you win your first bet, next time, you increase your bet to €30 (three betting units). If you also win this match, you will put €20 into your next bet. You will bet €60 next time if you also win this game. We already have the sequence 1-3-2-6.

If you win your fourth bet in a row, the sequence is complete, and you start over. Remember that your stake will reset to bet units once you lose.

It is basically what the 1-3-2-6 betting system is all about. If you keep these simple rules in mind, you should be okay with using the system successfully.

Possible outcomes of 1-3-2-6

Since this system is only a short cycle, there are very few possible outcomes. These are:

  • The first bet is lost (one betting unit loses all)
  • The first bet wins, and the second bet loses (both betting units lose all)
  • The first two bets win, and the third bet loses (the sum of the two betting units)
  • The first three bets win, and the fourth bet loses (breakeven)
  • Win all four bets (12 units total win)

So, as you can see, only two of the possible outcomes of a cycle involve losses. Losses only occur if the first or second bet loses. So every time you win your first two bets, you cannot lose again in the same cycle.

The 1-3-2-6 system makes it more likely to make money than lose. But unfortunately, this is not the case. Unfortunately, while the system has some advantages, guaranteed profits are not one of them.

Pros and Cons of the 1-3-2-6 Betting Strategy

The most significant advantage of 1-3-2-6 is that it is easy to learn. It is a good option if you want to use a betting system that is not overly complicated. Plus, your bet stays the same after a loss, preventing money from being drained quickly, especially if you choose your betting unit size sensitively.

Another significant advantage is that stopping the sequence after four straight wins and then returning to one unit makes you face the possibility of a small streak. You can win four times in a row – if you’re lucky, your winnings will outweigh your previous losing bets.

The system has its drawbacks. Most notably, nothing can beat the house edge that exists in any casino. No betting system can do this. But it can help you stay disciplined and stick to a set of rules because it’s still down to luck to win. If you get the results in the wrong order, you lose.

1-3-2-6 is not a flawed betting system compared to any other system available, provided you accept it for what it is. The system doesn’t guarantee a win but can help you make the most of your luck.

5. Fibonacci Betting System

This betting system is one of the many betting strategies available today. Here we explain what it’s all about.

Fibonacci Betting Strategy

Fibonacci betting is undoubtedly a controversial concept. But there are certainly sports bettors who can use it with great success. There are some risks with this strategy, but with the necessary luck and the proper sense of smell, you can be successful when employing this strategy.

The basic concept of betting on the Fibonacci sequence is simple: bet on a tie. If you lose, place a bet on the next match based on a key and increase your bets.

What matters is that the odds for a tie are higher than 2.62 (more precisely: 2.618); luckily, for those who want to adopt this strategy, there are plenty of draw bets at these lowest odds. The higher the ratio, the better.

If you lose, you bet on the next tie after the Fibonacci sequence. It is a sequence of numbers where the sum of two consecutive numbers is the following number, making the Fibonacci sequence an infinite series of natural numbers. You can find more information about the Fibonacci sequence on Wikipedia.

So if you start betting $1 on the first draw at odds > 2.62 and lose, next time you bet $1, then $2, then $3, then $5, then $8, $13, wait in.

It is mathematically understandable that every profit you make on this bet will offset the previous losses, even netting you a profit.

Fibonacci bet example

For example, you lose ten times and win the eleventh time. In this case, you lost $143 and successfully bet on the 11th number in the Fibonacci sequence, 144. If we now assume odds of @ 2.80 for a successful bet, you will win $403.20. You have wagered a total of €287 for a net profit of $116.20.

The disadvantages of this strategy are also apparent. Assuming you lose not ten but twenty bets in a row, you’ve lost your stake of $16,910. It is a considerable amount of money, and you shouldn’t risk a betting sequence like this. You can find out more about it in our explanation of money management.

Fibonacci betting system – our conclusions

When betting against the Fibonacci numbers, you rely on timely success. Otherwise, you will be unable to afford the bet and lose a lot of money. Of course, this strategy can also work. You can focus on a specific team that is known to draw frequently. But based purely on probability theory, one day, you are bound to reach a stage where you can no longer manage your money.

6. Kelly formula

Of course, many ideas, concepts, and formulas can help you calculate the ideal bet for your bet. One of them is the Kelly formula.

Of course, this does not guarantee that you will always bet correctly, and the assessment of the likelihood of the game outcome is still up to you. But the Kelly formula can help you choose the size of your bet.

It is how the Kelly formula works

  • You pick a game or event and score the result as a percentage
  • Example: Austria beats Germany – you rate this result as a 20% probability
  • Now you’re looking for odd numbers for an event that seems fair to you
  • Then, put the probabilities and odds into Kelly’s formula and get a value from

Let’s take as an example a 20% chance of winning at odds @5.50.

First, let’s do the math. 100% probability is 1:

Kelly Value Calculations for Sports Betting

(Probability * Odd) – 1

(0.20 * 5.50) – 1

1.1 – 1


Now we can go ahead and calculate and find the best bet for that bet. The formula for choosing a reasonable bet is as follows:

% of bankroll to set = value / (odds – 1)

In our case, this means:

0.10 / (5.50 – 1)

0.10 / 4.50


2.22 %

The Kelly formula suggests that you should bet 2.22% of your bankroll on this event, given that you have determined your odds and chosen odds.

Now, using this formula also depends significantly on your probability assessment. If the Outcome of the game is very likely and thus adds significant value, you could get 30% or more of your bankroll. Of course, caution advises here, as your money can slip this way quickly.

It is also possible to get a negative result when calculating the first value. It can happen if you place a bet too low for your expected probability of winning on an event where the odds are too low. The result is that your value is negative, meaning that if you need clarification on this, the bet won’t pay off.

7. The Dutch in sports betting

Dutching is betting on more than one option on the same event so that no matter which option wins, there is a profit. It should not be confused with arbitrage, which involves betting on all possible outcomes of an event, resulting in a guaranteed profit. It is only possible by using several bookmakers and only for a few possibilities.

Dutching is great for multi-outcome events where you can break down the possible outcomes into two or three, but in theory, you can bet on any number of options. The fewer choices you make in Dutching, the fewer losers you support, and the more profit you make from it. However, by having fewer options, you increase your risk.

It is best to use Dutch when you have information or feel strongly that the Outcome is unlikely. Avoiding isn’t worth it if those unlikely outcomes have high odds, but if you think the desired Outcome is doubtful, the rest of the options in avoiding can pay off handsomely.

Determination of different bets in Dutch

The main feature of Dutching is that you win the same amount, but due to the various odds involved, it can sometimes take time to calculate the required bet.


If you have two options, one is 5/1, and the other is 8/1, and you want to win €100 regardless of the Outcome:

Divide the odds in decimal form (6.0 and 9.0), then divide the stake by the decimal odds.

100 EUR / 6.0 = 16.66 EUR

100 EUR / 9.0 = 11.11 EUR

Total shares = 27.77 €

Alternatively, you may know how much to bet on an event; in this case, it’s around €30. You know that your stake on the 0.6 chance is about 20 EUR. To calculate how much you should bet on other selections:

20 € x (6.0 / 9.0) = bet on the higher value option. = 13.33 euros

The total bet is €33.33, and if one of the two selections wins, you will receive €120

Calculate Combined Odds in Dutch

In Dutching, the selections you bet on must combine odds. To choose the best bet, you still need to consider the odds and select the event that your combined options are most likely to win relative to your odds rather than simply backing all the options you think are likely to win.


If you bet $100 and the winning bet pays back $150, you’d be covering all options at combined odds (in decimal) of 1/2 or 1.5.

When you place a Dutch bet, you already calculate the stake and the total return, so you can place a bet that pays off the same for each Outcome. You divide your total stake by your return to get decimal odds for your bet.

It may seem challenging to estimate combined odds when the numbers are a bit more random, such as $279 winning on an $82 stake, but it’s easy to work out:

279 $ / 82 $ = 3.4 odds, about 5/2.

Advantages of Dutch

  • offer new possibilities

One of the advantages of the Dutch language is that it creates new profit opportunities. In the past, you might have broken down a race into two horses, but it was challenging to choose those two horses, so you dropped out of the race. Alternatively, you may have guessed that a football match will end with few goals, but you’re still determining whether you should bet on 0-0 or 1-0. With Dutch, you can get rewards in both cases.

  • still getting value

Even if you bet on more than one Outcome, you will still get value from your bet. If the odds of a low-rated favorite winning are slim, two or more high-rated options in this event could offer a great deal. If the total return of the combined bet is greater than the chances of winning with these outcomes, you will generate value through avoidance.

  • More winning bets

By shunting, you lower your overall odds but increase your chances of winning your bet. In theory, this should lead to more winning bets and, therefore, more frequent betting returns. It helps protect your betting account from dry periods and provides you with some gambling fun.

Disadvantages of Dutch

  • Weakening profits

The more selections you make in Dutching, the lower your odds on each bet. Whenever you add new options, you must consider increasing your betting rate to maintain a certain profit level. You will lose your money quickly if you are Dutching and don’t win often.

  • reverse dutch

A reverse withholding sounds complicated, but it’s just withholding tax for the sake of trade. The same principle applies; the more choices you make, the more likely your bet will win, but the less money you will succeed. Conversely, the fewer choices you make, the less likely you are to win, and the more profitable the winning bet.

8. Sportsbook Cash Out

These attributes give speculators greater control over the bets already placed, which can significantly impact the overall bankroll if you put them correctly. Most sports betting sites usually refer to paying out early as cashing out.

What is the early exit option?

The early exit option allows sports bettors to exit before settling bets. You can make a profit or get back some of your shares, depending on your choice at the time. This feature is available once you have placed a pre-match or in-match bet, with payouts fluctuating according to events occurring during the match.

The Cash Out feature is available for individual bets and multiples, but please note that it is not available for all bet types, such as Outcome (1×2) and other popular markets. Speculators can use this exciting option when betting on football, tennis, basketball, cricket, baseball, and even horse racing on desktop and mobile devices.

When to withdraw early

If the team or player you support is on the winning side but is taken out by the opponent, then you must cash out and ensure a reasonable profit rather than watching your potential profit and stake go up in smoke. Your prediction turns out to be correct, and your pick loses the lead.

If your picks aren’t currently winning and things are going to turn around, it’s wise to get out early so you can get some of your deposit back. It may not seem like a popular strategy, but it can help speculators stay afloat for longer.

9. Betting on over 1.5 goals

With this strategy, you will bet on a live match with the Over 1.5 Goals bet type.

Betting Strategy “Over 1.5 Goals”

This bet has an exciting edge due to the development of the odds. First, you should do the same as an average big/small bet. Find a game that you expect more than 2.5. Use this betting strategy only for the bets you wish.

Before the game, the chances of exceeding 1.5 will be meager. In some cases, it is at most 1.20. But as the game progresses and goals are missed, the rate increases almost every minute and becomes more and more profitable. Now you have to be patient. Ideally – as with any betting – you should watch the match live simultaneously to gain the greatest possible edge.

Now, wait until the odds on the bet are between 1.50 and 2.00. The higher, the better; of course, timing is important. If a goal scores, the bet is over before it even begins, and you must find a new game. This strategy only works if the 0-0 is long enough. Usually, you have to wait until the 35th to 55th minute for odds above 1.5, to be fair. However, we recommend that you still bet on the first half – the important thing is that the odds are 1.50 or better.

You analyzed the game before kick-off and expected over 2.5. You are still scoring goals here if you’re partially correct. And we’re eagerly awaiting the first goal after betting.

If a goal scores very early on after you place your bet, you have – at least for most bookmakers that allow this – a profitable exit strategy: odds over 1.5 will, of course, be at Rattle after the first goal. Now that you can pay off your bet by cashing out, you can almost “sell” it. You will get bonus points.

The riskier option is to wait for the second goal and win the bet anyway. It is, of course, recommended to watch the game live here. If a Goal is pending, you can still wait and let the bet stand. If the game is tight, it might be better to sell the bet.

For such a strategy, it recommends betting with a bookmaker that allows a live cashout option. See our page’s live betting section for more information on the live betting subject.

10. Specialize in League

Other posts mention that knowing the games you want to bet on is essential. It’s often hard to get enough good information, especially when you’re betting on a game you need to learn more about the team or even at all!

Become a League Expert

Therefore, it recommends focusing on one country, preferably in one league. In the best-case scenario, you should choose a club with many televised games, well-known players, and extensive media coverage. If you decide to only bet on Estonian league matches, it will be more of a lottery in the long run than focusing on the Premier League or the Bundesliga.

Available betting markets for football betting

System betting

Handicap betting

Long-term betting

Spread betting

Correct Score

Double Chance

Half-Time/Full Time

Win Betting/Bets

Asian Handicap

Over/Under Betting

Betting Live

Betting 2 Way/3 Way Betting

You’ll always be the best bet when you know the league, its teams, and protagonists inside out and follow them week in and the week off. It is the only thing to ensure that you inform of everything about developments within your team, injuries or suspensions, and their aftermath. Of course, you can also focus on a few countries or leagues and follow them with the same level of attention, but the more specific and focused your analysis is, the better.

Betting on leagues you don’t know anything about & haven’t analyzed beforehand almost falls into the category of “gambling.” It is not based on knowledge to predict whether an event will occur on grounds but on “hope.” Be professional, and you will succeed!

11. What is a money race?

It is a betting strategy in which the profit from a winning bet is invested directly into the next bet. It usually continues with multiple bets until the desired amount is reached.

How do you play money races?

Money Race can place all possible types of bets. In most cases, however, the emphasis is on low odds and “safe bets” to win as many bets in a row. In this case, Money Race is especially interesting for sports bettors with high bankrolls. If the money race starts with a relatively high initial stake, you will save yourself a lot of necessary profit on the way to achieving your goals. But at the same time, the risk of loss is more excellent.

If you decide to start the money race with $20 and always bet on the event at odds of 1.20, you need to win 22 consecutive games to get over 1,000 €. However, if you start with a stake of $100, you will be over €1,000 after winning 13 bets at odds of 1.20. It shows in this calculation example:

  • 20 € x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 = 1,104.12 €
  • 100 € x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2 = 1,069.93 €

 Usually, you’ll vary your bets a bit; after all, it’s also important to avoid going crazy in Money Race, and although the odds are low, do your research. As with all betting, placing a bet is important when you know the Outcome is highly likely. Even if you are very concerned about the average odds, in our example, 1.20, it is not a problem if there is 1.40 or 1.50 in between. Here, too, research and conviction are paramount.

12. Tie betting

A draw isn’t the most popular bet out there. If only that, because celebrating team wins is so much more fun.

But: well drawn! Sometimes it makes sense to choose a draw instead of a traditional win or loss. Every game starts with a draw.

Try to find games where both teams need help beating each other. For example, look for teams that compete at home against top teams from league averages. The visitors have the quality not to lose, but at the same time, they will have problems forcing the title favorites. In this case, both teams are happy with a draw, which is usually the result.

Another quick and easy way to identify a potential relationship is to check the Asian handicap odds.

Look for games with the handicap set to zero (0) or a tie. It means both teams are rated roughly the same, and the bookmakers don’t want to let either team lead. Games like this end in a draw more often than you might think.

13. Betting on late goals

For example, look for clear favorites for Late Goals betting games, with odds of under [1.30] for a three-way win. Spread your risk over as many games as possible in a betting round; obviously, there will always be unexpected losses. Then, place bets on late goals in each game. Most bookmakers offer these bets under the title “Last goal will be in the 76th-90th minute”. Statistically, you will win less than 60% of all these bets.

It’s also important to note that you can only place a single bet. With a combo, no matter how tempting its value, your chances of winning plummet.

14. Cup sports betting

“In principle, I don’t bet on cup games”; the above is often heard but never really understood because spectacular cup games offer many opportunities for sports bettors.

It is not unusual for David to meet Goliath. For the big clubs, it’s not an annoying thing, but for the smaller ones, it’s the undisputed game of the year. So, now and then, there is a chance to win good odds and value bets.

It pays to prepare for the Cup. In the age of YouTube and dynamic club websites, following pre-match press conferences is often not a problem; which players includes in the squad for this game? Which ordinary players and even stars survived? Is the second goalie on the pitch? Will young players get their chance? All of the above are exciting questions when looking for profitable bets.

Of course, it depends on the club’s approach – cup games are always a matter of mentality. Therefore, it is an excellent idea to analyze the past few weeks. Does a bigger club need to recover from weak games of the past few weeks and perhaps want to take the heat off the “little players” in cup competitions? What is the affinity of the club in general? There are plenty of examples of reasonably large clubs suffering from the cup curse for years, if not decades. Yes, there are few other games worth analyzing more than cup games.

However, the advantage is that there will be a large number of bets that, upon careful inspection, will be considered value bets. Even bookmakers, probably because they cannot plan and analyze each game themselves, keep the odds low and pay low commissions.

But it’s not everywhere, either. Especially for cup games, different bookmakers set different commission rates, providing a wide range of odds comparisons. It presents an excellent opportunity to get to know a new bookmaker and open a new account to use a broader range of odds in the future.

15. Sports betting on live games

In the age of smartphones and mobile apps, live games are the icing on the cake for sports fans. Live betting gives you to bet on a match or event in real-time. Live games are so entertaining that the whole thing can degenerate into a real challenge with friends. But here you should follow your plan.

The most important thing about live betting is that you see the game. At the same time, many gaming providers offer live streaming and pay huge sums of money for the rights to do so. And they do it for a good reason; because the live streams attract users, driving huge traffic to the site – and also attract players to bet on the spur of the moment. During a game, you don’t have time to overthink and calculate the value of live betting. Just bet on it.

But that’s what you should do: treat live betting just like normal pre-betting. Odds often change quickly here, so it makes sense to analyze a range of odds and calculate their value. You can strike if the odds are within reasonable limits during the match. You also have the advantage of watching the game and noticing if the game’s characteristics have changed. Of course, performing the actions mentioned earlier in a live game takes a lot of effort. First of all, you must learn the ability to concentrate. However, once you hang off it and can quickly calculate the value of your bets, there is much to be gained from live betting.

To be safe, you should only use your betting provider’s “official stream” or TV broadcast for live betting. When watching live games using Russian streaming, the bookmakers are often seconds ahead of you. And those seconds can sometimes make a huge difference.

Also note that even if you can watch the game on a public TV channel or live, betting providers plan on taking bets with a delay of a few seconds; you can’t be faster than the bookies, but you can better assess the game and upcoming game scene.

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