Pay Attention to Bets on Tennis and Succeed

November 23, 2022

Pay attention to tennis betting and be Successful

Tennis is one of the most well-liked sports betting game types. There are various reasons:

  • The volume and liquidity of such bets are often less than that of horse racing.
  • Major competitions are almost every year.
  • The market is volatile. Odds can jump 5-10 units in just a few seconds.

In the end, many professionals prefer tennis to jump. So what is a tennis betting strategy? What data is it based on?

There are quite a few strategies in tennis betting. Bet on the favorites invests in an accurate score and more. To make money, you need to know the details. To do this, you have to see the strategy’s basis.

Analysis of popular strategies

Every year, the tennis tournament includes Grand Slam events and smaller ones. And if you can’t determine the importance of Roland Garros to Nadal from the pre-match season, when the players need more motivation, tennis technology will help you as much as possible.

Double Bet

One of the most common investments is a double bet. Suppose Croatian tennis player Ivo Karlovic and John Isner from America are playing on grass. If this, a betting shop gives total games in a match of 24.5 with odds of 2.4 against 1.6. Here we must move forward from the fact that both tennis players are masters with a capital letter, which is almost impossible to lose.

Especially on the court, where the ball is difficult to catch because of the coverage, it often slips and does not provide an average start from the spot for the opponent.

However, this is known not only to us but also to bookmakers—, which explicitly overestimates the total to make it harder to get a win.

So what can direct a strategy in this case? The main thing here is:

  • The balance of forces in the match
  • The features of the court
  • And as well as the ability to protect the Serve.

We make two bets based on this information:

  1. 1000х1.6 = 1600 dollars
  2. 600×2.7 = 1620 dollars

You are against BS if at least one Bet is valid. If both Bets are successful, the value of your money doubles. There are many options for this approach.

Game Interrupted

The match is structured so that almost every game has a potentially Climactic moment. To win, a player must first win six games, and the gap must be in 2 or more games. The only exception is the score is 5:5. In this case, the tennis player has two games left. If the score is 6:6, give the player a timeout.

According to the rules, the playing time is 9.5 games in the men’s game. It is the most popular 6:3 or 6:4 score. It’s important to remember here that the supply of tennis players is essential in a tournament like this.

According to their sources, players in the TOP-50 win about 80% of their games on average. Therefore, it is essential to rest here. But traffic is not so important if we talk about women’s games. However, in a match, the player with the most serves is the winner.

Zero Handicap

What is zero spread? It is a bet on one of the teams or players to win; if the result is a tie, the Bet returns to the BS.

Consider this option by example. Assuming that the game is home and away, players bet on the host and make zero bets simultaneously. If the home team does win, the player will get the odds shown in that row. In case of a draw, the odds are 1.0. But if the guest wins, the player receives nothing.

In other words, zero bets are a safety net that allows you to return the money you earned if the game ends in a draw instead of a win.

Negative handicap

A negative handicap, also known as a negative handicap, is a handicap that subtracts from the absolute difference, and the betting tennis player still wins. In this case, the match will play if the second tennis player replays the first.

Betting on Tennis Player Form

There is currently a massive amount of tennis betting. Yet, for some reason, many players don’t consider such an important metric as a tennis player’s condition. But this metric sometimes allows outsiders to beat seemingly unbeatable leaders.

However, keeping track of the form takes a lot of work. It’s harder to translate that into a mathematical metric. But there is a technique that can achieve positive results. And among players, it sounds like a “strategy Form.”

It should be immediately vigilant that the strategy is more complex than it seems. Getting the results will take a lot of effort and time. That’s why it’s impossible to bet on everything. We will have to pick some players and put them on them. Otherwise, you’re stuck in their calculations.

The main difficulty with this method is that it uses the bookmaker’s odds. Please find out more about them in Archived Bets. However, it’s much easier to do this if you keep track of the currently selected player.

But the technology itself is effortless. Making a table of games for a specific period is necessary. Most of the time, this is enough for 10-15 final rounds.

  • So, what columns and information do you have to fill out the form? In the first column, you need to record the games of the selected players.
  • In the second, you need to record the match result.
  • Third, you need to keep track of the odds for a particular match.
  • In the latter, you need to specify what the player has gained from the match – profit or loss—additionally, metrics records in 100 regular currency units. If the player wins, write k * 100 to the table. If you lose, the indicator will be equal to -100. Excellent,
  • Finally, in the fifth column, all the indicators in the fourth column are summarized.

It is important to know that you should draw conclusions based on the fifth column. To make the results more revealing, you can even create a timeline. If the line continues to increase, the player is in great shape, and his potential will grow. But if the line goes “down” or jumps, the tennis player’s performance is inconsistent, and his form leaves much to be desired.

For the most accurate calculations, a schedule is for each player. In the meantime, you need to bet on the one whose plan is rising. So for the second player, the indicator should drop.

Most importantly, this strategy works when BS significantly underestimates the chances of average players against favorites. So it makes sense to track the dynamics of the top 20 players similarly. Once the chart of one of them starts to fall, you can safely bet it. Of course, this is only possible with the second player. On the contrary, the timetable begins to grow. By the way, the odds are always high for the underdog, so sooner or later, this strategy will bring results.

Early betting

For some reason, BS often underestimates the impact of injuries on tennis players during a game. But according to statistics, every thirty games will end because one of the players withdraws from the competition. This metric is fundamental as it can change the course of the entire game. Therefore, betting may be in your favor.

It’s important to consider that each BS can react differently to player exits. Stores have clear rules by which they will act if a similar situation arises. However, for some reason, the players didn’t consider this fact.

So how does BS act in this situation? There are five possible reactions:

  • The bets will count if at least one match plays. For example, BS will count the Bet if the score is 15:0 or 0:15. Also, all bets on players who retire will lose – regardless of the score at the time of retirement.
  • Bets are also credited if there is only one match. All bets will be refunded if even a round is incomplete. But if the game is over, the winners get their prize money, and the losers lose.
  • Bets can also be credited if at least one set plays. In this case, as in all previous cases, it must be played by the group. Only in this case will BS pay.
  • Bets will also count if at least two sets are complete. The situation here is the same as the previous one, but you only need to have played at least two sets. Therefore, bonuses will calculate on winning bets.
  • Bets will only have action if the entire match completes. Unfortunately, many BS only count bets when the game is in play. Otherwise, bets will be refunded.

We now analyze the conclusions from this.

1. Suppose you select a player only because he has a back injury. Players stand a good chance of being knocked out, so it’s best to place bets at a shop that calculates stakes after a match or ball game.

2. In this case, the injury doesn’t affect you, so you bet on a game with better odds. In this case, it is best to gamble at a shop that will refund wagers if a player eliminates before the game is over.

3. Suppose you see an arbitrage transaction, so there are different tennis players in various stores. The players played an inning, and then one of them retired. Since the rules of the stores are different, in one of the BS, you can get your money back, while in the other, you can find yourself among the losers.

The chances of that happening are slim, but trading likes be put in a coma if it did happen. The latter rarely pays attention to BS, but it must ensure that different BS have the same rules if it is on the arbs.

So, as you probably already understand, to win from BS, you need to be able to analyze and consider the shop’s rules. Only players who read the directions increase their chances of winning.

Additional bets

The extra bets can be huge, including timeout time, double faults, the number of breaks in the first set, handicaps or totals in the first set, and more. The betting options can be huge.

Many players use statistics-based techniques. And, in principle, this approach does have a place. Why? First of all, each bookmaker sets a cash flow ratio. So, if all players bet on a particular event, the odds on the opposing team will increase, potentially making money.

In this case, if you find some characteristics and patterns with the help of statistics, then you can only congratulate yourself. You only need to bet on this event.

We give a concrete example here. Suppose, in a tennis game, the person who wins the Coin before the match starts chooses which of the two teams serves. The odds of the Coin not appearing are fifty to fifty, and if we assume that the winner always decides to submit, then the odds are equal to two. Well, or a little less if we consider the bookmaker’s margin. Of course, such a bet only makes sense if we think the odds are 50%.

However, we started to notice that Nadal always gave the ball to his opponents, and it happened from time to time. So it makes sense to put it on this event.

Unfortunately, there is an important nuance. Other players are also looking at these features and the betting shops. It is where profits end. Furthermore, it is pretty challenging to find such variation since low odds have long ruined all these features. To find complex events, you must be a seasoned expert and constantly monitor the game.

Express with small odds

What is a low ratio? It is less than 1.5. Such a bet means you are betting on the leader.

Looking a little deeper, the mathematical probability of a positive outcome is 66%. For example, if you bet with odds of 1.4, your chances increase to 70%, and if you choose a factor of 1.7, your probability of winning is 60%. As a result, if you pick odds below 1.5%, it will be the cheapest match. Perfect for the less adventurous or beginners who have yet to understand the stakes fully.

By the way, it is not only possible to bet with low odds but also with high odds. These odds come from four or higher. Of course, in this case, the chances of the Bet being successful are small, no more than 25%. Of course, there are also higher stakes, starting with ten. These were outsiders, but they also won.

If you follow the math, logically, one of these matches can play, and you’ll make a nice profit. In practice, however, only some things are so sweet. It happens to lose eight games in a row, and then the player’s pot will be ultimately reset.

Alas, but the reality is that this method is only affordable for players who have a big enough bank and can lose a few bets but still win the last one. This technique is best used in combination, for example, with the Martingale strategy.

By the way, this does not include short bets, where odds equal to 10 are not the limit. Each bid must properly weigh and analyzed. And if a player experiences this, he will not just hope for luck.


This strategy assumes that you will be playing live. Many BS accept such bets, implying such a score during the game. And it makes no difference who wins the game.

So what is the nature of such a system? You need to choose a suitable game before the event, but there are a few conditions. We make the score 40-40, and if the Bet doesn’t go, we skip a game and put it on the same market when serving the previous player. That is, we play the classic Martingale.

The odds for this type of game are usually between 2.5 and 4.00. Therefore, you cannot increase your Bet during the initial steps because you will still lose.

These factors mean that the Martingale strategy pays off slightly, so the bank you invest in will be enough for several bets.

So, what points do you have to pay attention to in this type of betting?

  • Perfect for this strategy in women’s tennis. Men play more consistently, and generally, in an equal game, tennis players play on their servers.
  • It recommends placing bets on higher levels. And at the same time, tennis players are more motivated, and BS is not too greedy for odds.
  • Bet on tennis players of similar skill. What is important is that the odds distribute in the range of 1.7-2.25. Ideal if a player is playing the match with a weaker signal.
  • Also, pay close attention to the coverage where the players play. Most importantly, if it’s a primer. This overlay is considered the slowest and potentially can delay the game.
  • It recommends starting the game immediately. It is desirable to lose the first game 2-3. We can safely bet on the next round if we get through without forty or forty accounts.
  • Presumably, probability theory comes into play here. The first Bet should be in the range of about 1-2% of the bank. Remember the Martingale strategy – eating the bank in just a few iterations.

And remember that it is necessary to watch video broadcasts. It’s much easier to judge a game by it.

First point

In most cases, the first point in a tennis match is scored by the player who submits. Typically, the odds for this type of game range from 2.0-2.7. Meanwhile, a great option is the game of catch. The enormous crosses will come in the second and third sets because the players are already tired.

If a tennis player takes that player’s first point, there is a high probability (up to 95%) that, in the next match, when they take that player again, that player will get that first point.

Here is a concrete example:

  • Let’s say the first game is 3:4, and the server is the first player to play.
  • Then the score is 4:4, and the server is number two.
  • In the final stage, 4:5, and 15:0, serve first.

A more profitable strategy

This strategy assumes you need to bet on popular breakpoints. Games with breakpoints are standard. Statistics indicate that each set goes through 1-2 rests. The method worked exceptionally well in men’s and mixed and pairs tennis, especially with lots of rest. The essence of the system is to bet on the catcher. Odds for this event usually vary between 3 and 7.

Total Bets

So what does total betting mean? It means you are betting on the total number of games – goals, points, etc. For beginners, such a strategy is excellent as a primary strategy, and if we talk about advanced players, then for them, it will be a great tool to increase their odds.

There will be letters such as Under and Over. Total Over. You can only place this type of Bet if you are sure there will be more events. It doesn’t matter who will win the game.

Total Under. This ending is just the opposite. It indicates that you expected less than the result displayed in the parentheses.

The important thing here is to understand the difference between Under (0.5) and Under (1). In fact, in another scenario, assume a tie. However, if one of the tennis players still wins, Under (0.5) will lose, and there will be a payoff, according to Under (1). That is, the entire bank will return your account.

Please remember that these bets only count when the primary game time is over. If the goal loses over time, it will not affect the total score.

Plum Bets

This strategy assumes that you need to place inflated bets constantly. In this case, you will be profitable sooner or later.

Bet on the exact score

In tennis, exact betting refers to set predictions. Usually, the number of such collections is at most three, but it can be up to five.

It is best to bet on the exact line, such as 3:0 or 2:0. Preferably on favorites—event selection in this example is based on BS odds. The winning favorite BS should be no more than 1.5.

It Plays a role on the pitch too. For example, a tennis player who excels on hard courts may not be the best on grass.

Express Bets

Quick Bet, A favorite of many players, is the Quick Bet. It is due to the following characteristics most of the time:

  • Tennis games are different in that there are always a large number of meetings. No need to wait months for players to meet again in a match.
  • Bets can place at any time because betting is undone on a match. 
  • Tennis matches are almost every day. Athletes need to maintain class and form. Therefore, athletes have to participate in nearly all competitions.
  • Almost every BS has quick betting, which makes it possible to make money.

Favorite Bet

What is a favorite bet? Odds for this type of investment range from 1.45 to 1.65.

The strategy is not only easy to know but also easy to use. Pick those games where BS picks obvious outsiders and favorites. Find out who’s who among them, maybe even someone who’s far from tennis. BS has analyzed the whole situation and figured out who is more popular and harder to believe.

One of the main conditions of this strategy is that the favorite odds must be at least 1.45 but at most 1.65.

Set Bet

Betting on the first, second, and third sets can only be done if there is a long-standing feud between the players or if they meet regularly. Usually, this is typical of players playing in the latest tournaments, the top players.

The same applies to games where competition for favorites and outsiders compete. In this case, the total score places on the 8.5 plates, and outsiders rarely win.


What is an arbitrage strategy? It is a win-win technique in BS. Arbitrage is a situation where the bettor still makes a profit regardless of the game’s outcome. In other words, players bet on different results while partially profiting.

The difference with this technique is that it takes quite a bit of time as you have to find several GCs where betting on the same game varies.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tennis Betting

Tennis betting has both advantages and disadvantages. For example, benefits include the following:

  • A number of returns in a match. This fact may seem harmful to some, but many experienced players win games by betting on losing tennis players.
  • Tracking status is much easier. If in a team game you have to track the status of several players at once, in tennis, you can only assess the situation of two players.
  • Another advantage of tennis is that the game plays almost year-round. For example, if football has an offseason, where teams rest, there is no such thing as tennis.

However, like any other sport, there are some downsides:

  • Unfortunately, there is no specific end time for a game. For example, the mat lasts 90 minutes at a football game and an hour at a hockey game. But in tennis, there is no specific time because the opponents will keep playing until one beats the other. Incidentally, there have also been cases where games lasted for several days for both sides’ matches. 
  • Many races depend on weather conditions. Yes, some matches took place on indoor tennis courts, but most were played in the rain. Therefore, betting can be “paused” for a few days, for example, until the rain stops.
  • Team players always have substitutes. But tennis players are only responsible for themselves. Therefore, in some.

It also depends a lot on the BS. Each store has its own rules and should be listened to.

What are other sports worth considering?

Tennis players can choose from various tennis disciplines – for example, women’s tennis, men’s, doubles, table tennis, and more. If team sports are your thing, football, basketball, or hockey are perfect.

From all this, tennis is a fairly lucrative sport that in our time can bring enough means of earning a living, especially if you learn several techniques and apply them successfully. It is great because you can constantly develop your skills, learn new things, and develop your strategy if you succeed. The main thing here is to keep researching recent literature that might be useful to you. It is what most experienced bettors do.

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