NBA acknowledges critical mistakes in Nets vs. Hawks Game

December 12, 2022

After overcoming a great deal of early-season drama, the Brooklyn Nets begin to find their footing. The team has improved and has a record of 16-12, good for fourth place in the Eastern Conference. On Saturday night against the Indiana Pacers, the team played without almost all of its regular rotation, but they were still able to win, which was their third straight triumph.


The Nets faced Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks in a hotly contested game in the middle of their three-game winning streak. The NBA acknowledged a crucial missed call down the stretch that might have changed the game’s outcome in Atlanta’s favor, even though they were able to win 120–116.


Kevin Durant should have been given a traveling violation penalty with 34:05 left in the game, but the referees chose not to do so. However, there was a missed call in favor of the Hawks a few seconds later when Clint Capela was in the paint for longer than three seconds without receiving a foul call.


The league makes an effort to be open with its last two-minute reports, but they frequently make the team with the disadvantage feel even worse. It’s challenging to predict the result of this Nets vs. Some significant missed calls impacted the final minute of that game, which would have changed the outcome of the Hawks’ game had they been called correctly down the stretch.

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